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Disable iOS4 multitasking without re-jailbreaking!

Owner of a iPhone 3G I was curious about the new feature loaded iOS4 from the Jobs overlord.

Having scoured the interweb for the info to update and jailbreak my phone again.
I had enormous trouble updating the standard way. So I tried a restore/update for 3G phones
Restoring will cause you to lose all data. Backup before hand.

Jailbreaking with redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4 worked like a charm, except for the loss of my data link. No browsing the net or SMS/MMS.
Re-jailbroke it with redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 and now truly it worked like a charm.

Full backgrounds and multitasking...
I tried this set-up for a day and found it PAINFULLY slow and would crash if I was listening to music while wanting to send a email with picture attachment!

I wanted out of the multitasking non-sense. But to re-jailbreak again was a serious pain in the arse!

Then I remembered that there was a way to enable multitasking before redsn0w sis everything for you. editing some file... from icantinternet

Find and copy the .plist file N82AP.plist to somewhere on your Mac. Next, make a backup of the plist file. Once this is done edit the file with your favourite text editor (I use TextWrangler or Smultron to make two new entries into the .plist file under the capabilities key:





Wanting to return my phone to a decent working order, YET keep my background.. I used iPhoneBrowser and went in to change the N82AP.plist (by "save as" to my desktop then editing the file in a text editor. Instead of "true" changing the value to "false" then by selecting "replace file" in the iPhoneBrowser to overwrite the original file)

Once done, turn off phone.. upon reboot all should be the way you want it.

So no need to re-jailbreak it all the time. Just edit the files.

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