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The losing side of playing chicken with a bigger boat

The Ady Gil was damaged by collision with the Shonan Maru 2. I don't yet know who's fault it was.

But if it's the whalers, they lowered the bar to the Sea Shepherds' level. Which is not all bad. No holds barred from here on...

If it's the SS fault then it's just business as usual, being reckless, but this time they lost part of their boat.

If up till now piracy was tolerated in Antarctic waters then no foul to any party I guess. If anything this could be deemed a pre-emptive defensive measure on behalf of the whalers.

As seen from the whalers side. There is definitely wake behind the Ady Gil indicating movement.

From the SS's perspective it appears the Harpoon ship leans into the Ady Gil.

Well at least the Ady Gil served it's intended purpose of getting in between ship and whaling! And now the ratings will spike, surely what the SSs and Animal Planet really want anyway. Like Watson said himself, unless he was lying as per norm., it's all about the money.

If it


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