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By -MJL-
What is going on lately.

There are "law" "enforcement" officials everywhere lately. At train/subway station ticket gates. In busy stations. Their patrols seem to be doubling.

Just the other day I was blatantly discriminated against.
As I exited the station I spotted two smurfs eyeing people coming out. Being the only foreign looking person I braced myself to get carded.
They started walking towards me so I stared at them as I turned as walked away. They then carded the next guy behind me.

This is racial discrimination of a reverse sort that I'm NOT accustomed to! I represented the visible minority! Card me card me!

In fact I have yet to be carded since the police force seems to have quadrupled.

Damn it! I guess I'll just have to be Japanese and do some (がまん) gaman.


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