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JAWHM MOVED. Ahh blogging... it's been over a year now!

Too many things have changed in the past year and change. More to follow as I get back into the blogosphere.

This entry is solely dedicated to the moving of the JAWHM Association's Tokyo head quarters to Ichigaya from Nakano.

As a NJ (Non-Japanese) it was a challenge enough to get to the old place. A Huge triangular white building visible from the Nakano Station.

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Now the JAWHM has moved to a more central Tokyo location yet a more difficult building to find. The Move was done on the first week of August 2009 and a new web page was made in parallel to signify the new start.

Although the move was done the old page still exists. Not only is it hard to navigate for the NJ eyes when you do get the info about the move it points to the wrong building and informs you of complicated exits to use, to get to an otherwise already difficult building to find! See pic!

After asking the tech guy in charge of this. He said that it was too much trouble to "re-code" the page to display the right information! So let me clarify this in really EASY to understand steps and in a way that will take me less than 5 minutes to make and you less than 2 minutes to understand.


Directions to the Tokyo Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers building are as follows!
1- By Above ground JR
2- By ANY subway line

1-Taking the JR (East) Ichigaya Station and get out at the main exit.
Take the YELLOW train the SOBU line! Not the CHUO LINE as it doesn't stop at Ichigaya!
From there either pop in the subway's underground walkway (say it's raining) and exit at the A3 then follow the directions from the subway/tube further down. (Not 3 but A3) OR

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Just cross the street this way.. the JAWHM office is on the right hand side...

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If you choose to cross the street and walk on the right side then Walk straight until you pass a subway exit A3 on the right. it'll look like this picture.

Keep walking just a little more and you'll notice a building a little further back from the road. It will have a slanted glass side facing the road. (see pic further down)

For users of ANY of the subway lines (TOEI-SHINJUKU LINE, TOKYO METRO-NAMBOKU LINE, TOKYO METRO-YURAKUCHO LINE) get off at Ichigaya and proceed to the exit A3! Be sure to exit at A3 and not simply 3!
Exit A3 has a staircase before reaching the pavement/sidewalk.
When you reach the surface make a right.

Keep walking just a little more and you'll notice a building a little further back from the road. It will have a slanted glass side facing the road. See pic

Now just go in that building and its the 5th floor.
(Make sure you check the hours and holidays before you go!) http://www.jawhm.or.jp/eng/index.html


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