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Mobile me

By -MJL-

GuroMobi:Mobile Blog

So I've started a mobile blog! Not because I have free time but rather the contrary. With commutes being what they are in the village that is Tokyo, I have plenty of 1-on-1 time with my phone! (^^ゞ

Also, there are some things that just need to be shared! The odd picture or the random thoughts that come to me while away from the pc.

No T9, no keyboard, no spell check, just me on the train surrounded by greying heads or cuteys caking their face with make-up!

PIC: An old air conditionning remote!


Life can indeed be a beach

By -MJL-

Hope all you folks are enjoying the cold or even better the snow!

I'm in Okinawa, Japan! Where its 25c and beautiful!
Great food, nice sights, relaxing and surprisingly not many tourists or USFJ soldiers!


pic: Busena beach


Post Comp

Another month has past and I've naturally neglected my blog due to lack of time. So for you 5 readers sorry! (-.-;)

Post Competition: though not mentioned previously, I was fourth in Japan this year. Though my worst finish ever I did get some good out of the whole experience. At the event I got to meet more nice people as seen in my pictures! And I was offered to air on TV.

Being the ONLY Japanese National team model actually living in Japan I guess I should have seen it coming. So I was offered by one of the former National champions (and possibly soon to be world champ) to be his model for a TV shoot. The only problem is that after the competition I wanted to travel around the Tohoku area (northern Japan) and the TV shoot was the very next morning! The money was good, and I got to ride the train with a nice model. Yes just the two of us stuck together for the whole trip back.

The next morning was a hard one, after drinking all the way back to Tokyo from Morioka the last thing I wanted to do was to be on TV. Arriving at the salon, there was another model. Another non-Japanese, I'll call him Tim, I was partially relieved to know that I wouldn't be going through this embarrassment alone. Ohh how wrong I was.
Though the TV people knew he was there, but because I was the National team model (or perhaps due to my red hair) I was used, almost entirely. Which was unfortunate for Tim. As the filming and the hotch-potch choreography went on I was asked to join Tim who had been in hiding in the utility closet out of sight for the past 2 hours. In hiding I found out that he was a big fan of the TV stars that had come. Ironic that me, who doesnt watch much TV, knew none of the stars that came, and didn't give them the light of day was the one getting the air time, while he didn't get to meet most of the stars. I genuinely felt bad, but nothing I said changed the course of the show.

I can't all remember the "stars" by name but there's a black guy named "Bobby Orogon" a chicky called "Suzane" a big guy by the name of "Himura" (1 of 2 of the Banana man) there's the other Banana man (I can't remember his name but I think he pretty famous too) and finally the other girl simply called "gyaru"

They're all very energetic in a Forest Gump on steroids kind of way, custom fit for Japanese TV.

Anyways, the reason I write this now is that my moment of sheer embarrassment awaits this Sunday morning. 10:55AM Japan time Channel 4, the show is called MiniKite (come and see)

Show site Minikite
The Stylists site with the same pictures... www.hrclips.com
For those of you in other more sane parts of the world.. Have a good laugh.

(LEFT)Suzane on the left and Bobby on the right At least the chickys were nice to me... Taken I believe from her blog. But later removed due to the many questions she got.

(RIGHT) Myself, Himura with the do, and Tim. Then we walked the streets of Tokyo like this!

And yes I laughed my head off the first time I saw myself like this too!....Ah the price of fame.

Modeling take Umphteen

(Original post here)

Yesterday was the National Competition of cosmetology in Iwate prefecture Japan. (hair styles) And yet again I went as a model. It's the 3rd time I participate in it and most likely the last time.

From 1st place 3 years ago, there was only one way to go and that was down. I tried again 2 years ago by request, though I didn't want to do it. I did and was 2nd in Japan. This year, I was asked by the stylists father and one of the most if not the most well known stylist in Japan to model for the same guy as last year. I really didn't want to do it. But sacrificing my image, pride and reputation I did it again, this time however this ended very poorly. So I think I'll cut my losses here and now.

On the bright side of the competition I got to meet many nice people, make new connections. And of course take many nice pictures of beautiful people! (I could say that was a high point)

The competition this year was harsh, the competitors were very good. My guy just didn't have it in him. I've become somewhat of a connoisseur now in figuring out who will win and who will not, who has the drive who doesn't and that sort of thing. So should there be another... we'll lets just say I can and will be very picky.

TGS part III

This is getting tiresome and boring so I'll make this quick.

TGS part trois... (originally here)

The Tokyo Game show was not only a venue for game companies to show off, a place for geeks to flock to and a place to use pretty girls to distract from the geekyness; but it was also a place where people could play dress-up.

Having said that there were a few people I didn't quite understand. When I asked to take their picture they refused. Sure they have the right to, but the tone with which they did was absurd. They traveled at least an hour to get dressed as their special character in a game show to sit around not doing anything but chat with other such lifeless people in public and refuse having their picture taken? What a bunch of 'tards. Tokyo being the mega city it is, there was no shortage of camera friendly cosplayers. So in the end it was the 'tards loss.

The lesson here? It was my fault for asking, next time it's American style, shoot first and ask questions later.

On a completely different note, I seem to have coined a new term, nerdographer. (see "nerdographer pictures in previous posts"

Nerdographer: 1- A person who devotes his money and time to the capture in picture or video of beautiful girls he/she will only ever see through a camera lens.

OK enough TGS, just pictures here.
More Bikini Videos and other nonsense Here


TGS part II

Game show mania seemed to have come across everyone there. Some people lined up for hours to play precious few minute of a game that will be released in a few months. Others lined up to take pictures of the girls. I couldn't be bothered with either, why wait when there are other things to see?

From the opening moments people were running around to various booths. Game fever was especially high towards closing time as well. Camera geeks and Game nerds were all pushing and shoving to take pictures of the final girly shows. (bikini audition, tecmo) Even some non-Japaneses got into the closing fever, I let them know in my own way that they were not in the far West anymore.

All in all the Game show was OK. I thought Nintendo would have shown up but after checking it seems they don't like coming unless theres a big announcement to make. Personally I enjoyed the people watching. Seeing the gamer geeks get all excited about a new game or watching as the nerdographers tried to befriend the girls they shot.

Part III?....

TGS Part I

Today I've decided to grace the Tokyo game show with my presence. (And to see some people I know that work there, oh yeah, some company I work for has a booth there)

Living in Tokyo naturally I went via train. I was a confused and worried that I got on the wrong train; it was the last day of the event and I still expected to see game nerds everywhere on the train. However the people on the train came in two categories, stunningly beautiful, or geeky nerd types playing their PSP or DS.

I was saddened when the stop for Disney land came and left. I was now stuck with the uber geeks and that's how it was the rest of the day. (Really for the most part it was text book geek) oddly dressed (dress pants, sneakers, short sleeve checkered dress shirt), glasses, one portable game console if not two, and zero sense of hair fashion!!! (O_O) Well for the ones that still had hair)

A few more stops and it was the mass exodus from dork train to the event hall. The event hall is called Makuhari Messe, and that FYI means, "walky walky, we make you walk around the whole F$#in building, long time". Buying tickets from this "world class event" is done at the porta-potty (portaloo U.K.) shacks half way around to the entrance, you'll recognize them better if you feel natures call.

Stepping in to Ubergeekdom. There were now three MAIN types of visitors. The aformentionned geeks, the cosplayers (Costume dressers) and the kamekos (Camera geeks, yes I know it's splitting hairs)

Part II... is coming later after I finish processing some more pics see flickr


I've been cloned!!!

No not literally! It seems that I made such an impression on the hair industry in Japan that other hair stylists, unable to acquire my services, went into look-a-like search mode. (Look-a-like, from a Japanese perspective!)

Again this year I find myself doing the whole hair modeling thing, though I'd really like to quit, I can't seem to. This time I was asked by the head honcho of the Japanese industry to help a member of his staff. (again; The stylist and I were #2 in Japan last year)

I'm not sure why I was asked again to help out, he hair stylist in question seemed to have reached his peak last year. As with last year, I'm preparing myself for a rock bottom 20th place finish or worse. (He was lucky last time!)

What were the other competitors in the coveted national competition to do without me? Why search for a pseudo-me of course! Do I sound completely full of it, yes I do! BUT these are not my words, but the words of the other hair stylists in question! These new me look-a-likes even have the same shoe size. (And have use my shoes!!!)

Although now I may have to concede victory to another foreigner, it may allow me to finally retreat into the shadows and pursue more meaningful things. Er.. after the world hair championship in Chicago March 08.

A moment to breathe

Yes yes .. so it's been a while.. I can't believe there are people out there who actually take the time to read my rantings. (See blog not facebook entry)

Well anyways.. things have been busy since the last proper entry. What's happened? Well let's see Family and Friends came to Japan to visit, I left on a little side trip to Hong Kong (Love that place!), I've now entered the Salary man lifestyle (i.e. NEVER home work all day, night, weekends and in my dreams) I've had precious little time to myself.

My white hairs have started to crop up and I'm gaining weight (on orders from my stylist). Got a new phone, new PCs, new living quarters, new jobs.

So far this summer has been hell on earth.. 39+ degrees plus what felt like 99% humidity! (Humidex would read 39 but feels like 65) Glasses would fog up going outside, more instant sweat, just simply unbearable.

That just about sums it up. So not much really! o(^_-)v

Oh Canada.. Land of the rude? Part 3

After a long pause yet again due to some seriously busy times..

Oh Canada... Land of the Rude Part 3 (final, I think)

I've come to take many things for granted in Japan. Though I don't think Japan is the greatest country in the world (by far) I have come to appreciate many things here that just seem to have become common sense.

For example, whether I buy 100Yen candy or a new computer I always get very good service in any store and the staff is always polite, granted it may often be in a somewhat robotic fashion.

Flash over to Canada... and Enter Dollarama. What an incredible place.. stacked wall to wall with all kinds of junk (from China). The selection is scary! But that's where the good ends. Going to the cash register you'd think you were in a welfare check line up a la Simpsons!

The cash register clerk dressed in what seemed to be last weeks' pajamas, quickly added up my items and without saying hello or having any eye contact blurted out my total. Quickly dropping all the items in the bag and smashing it on the counter, she then boldly held out her hand waiting for my cash.

The only thing missing would have been a cigarette in her mouth and curlers in her hair. Am I not still the customer? Is the service now not as important as the savings? Has Dollarama gone the way of the banks? (Taking money and providing ultra crap service?)

I just couldn't get over the bad service. This was in Toronto, and Toronto being, well, Toronto I wanted to see if this was normal elsewhere. I tried again in Montreal. Same story.
Sure, I know I was shopping at a dollar store, but still. At least here people still remain polite. At least in Japan they don't seem to give off the image that a dollar store (or 100Y shop) has anything to do with their minimum wage.

Then Via rail. Where do I start with that. Canada is SOOO incredibly third world when it comes to transportation infrastructure. Leave it to the Americans to pollute Canadian culture with the ideology of the car, big highways and other such car first nonsense. The car is great but like all good things too much of it and it becomes a problem.

The trip of Montreal-Toronto takes 4.5 hours by train. If there aren't any delays. But of course, when I wanted to use via rail there was an accident in Kingston. A freight train had derailed and cause ALL traffic to stop for a whole day! WTF.. a WHOLE DAY??? There was no contingency plan no alternate routes, no bus relief, the administration just preferred to let people become stranded. And there's wonder why the ridership is dropping.

Meh anyways.. this was written in the heat of my return... drafted till I had time to do touch ups..


Don't worry, be happy! o(^_^)v

Last night the earth shook! And no I'm not talking about anything other than an earthquake!
It was a small one, though I've grown accustomed to them I still to enjoy the experience very much.

Ask anyone else that lives on this tiny shaking sliver of land and it'll be quite another story.

The Japanese people have a deep rooted fear of earthquakes. So much so that it was been burned in their psyche at childbirth when they were read the "being Japanese" disclaimer form. The top three things the Japanese fear is, (I think) Earthquakes, Fire, and lightning (Nukes from North Korea, or the US are too recent to have made it in) Earthquakes for the obvious reasons; ie a strong one would level a city. Fires would burn down a city (wooden houses) and lightning causes fires. (Note houses are made of wood to "better resist" earthquakes)

When an earthquake occurs, the Japanese due have good reason to panic. In a country prone to slipping into the ocean a la Atlantis one would think every precaution is taken to survive such an event. Yet many visitors are dumbfounded when they witness so many hanging electrical wires overhead. Adding to the mess of cables above are the gass lines that are buried under ground. So lets recap, houses made of wood, a huge mess of overheard electrical wires and natural gas pipes in the ground. (Gas being cheaper than electricity is the norm for cooking and heating)

So scenario ONE - lightning hits -fires -electrical wires melt - houses burn - gas conduits blow up and people die.
Scenario TWO - Fire breaks out - gas accelerates the burning - people die
Scenario THREE - Earthquake hits - Instantaneous - Fires, conduit breaking and power lines falling to earth. Then POOF Japan ceases to exist...

Of course Japanese TV does not help calm the people. Instead it seems to instill the fear even further.

So why do I like it? I don't watch too much TV. It's still a novelty for me. As most Japanese are quick to point out I can always pack up and move to another country and that I don't have family here (which I do). And the sheer power of an earthquake is mind boggling! Besides, if it rains I can prepare for it and use an umbrella, if it snows I can dress warmly. Earthquakes can hit without warning, so why be in constant worry?

Oh Canada.. Land of the rude? Part 2

By -MJL-

Skipping past the nice but annoying cabin attendants. My arrival in Toronto, just when I thought the worst had passed. What was I thinking? I mean this was TORONTO. Get out of the plane, off to the immigration counters.

I pick the shortest line and wait for my turn. Mr Immigration official is picking his teeth and scratching his ass all the while trying to set up his desk to get to work. Eventually Mr. started working. I arrived and had prepared all my documents to show him to ensure smooth sailing. Mr attitude then pulls a power trip on me.

"Why are you coming back to Canada?"
(Uh why the heck not?)
For a surprise birthday party for my father.
"How long are you staying for?"
(who gives a rats ass I'm a citizen, see passport dimwit)
About ten days.
"Are you bringing in any souvernirs?"
(No I just spent almost 3 years abroad to come home empty handed,
where do they find these 'tards? Oh wait... Toronto.. I forgot...)
Yes I am.

"Well I see you're only staying a few days, then you'll have to fill in this VISITORS SECTION" he said as he scratched out the CANADIAN CITIZEN SECTION I had filled out.

This really got on my tits, Mr Attitude not only makes me feel like a foreigner in Canada but then bills me saying that my souvenirs are too expensive and go over the VISITORS Quota. WTF?

Fuming I leave the counter and proceed to get my luggage. The carousel breaks down three times and thus the repair men come three times to kick the control box! Ahh good to be home...

Finally exiting the airport at customs I caught a break. While the last agent before I could exit the airport was busy yelling at a European couple about not each having their entrance papers (you can write up to four name on one paper!) I slipped by without having to pay a dime! Ahh my tax dollars hard at work, well maybe not mine.. (^_-)

Is this the image Canada wants to show it's tourists and immigrants? I'm all for equal opportunity employment, but could the government at least hire competent people minus the attitude? Otherwise I'll just do like everyone else and lie at customs and immigration!

Oh Canada.. Land of the rude? Part 1

Yeah you read it right! Canada land of the rude. How dare I say such things about Canadians... they're nice people! True... and they can also take it. Unlike the big guys to the south.

This is my personal account of reverse culture shock.

I lived in Canada for the better part of my life. I was accustomed to the level of service in department stores, gas stations, restaurants and even from the government. Then I came to live in Japan. Now without going into much detail, the level of politeness and service in Japan is quite normal when you understand it. But to cross cultural differences and compare Western with Japanese is suicidal. Instead this is more of my personal account of my reverse culture shock.

In March 2007 I planned a secret trip back to Canada for my father's birthday. Not even my friends new until a few weeks prior. It was a sort of personal black ops! :P
So everything was uneventful up until I boarded the plane. And that's when my reverse culture shock set in.

The cabin attendants were not young, nor cute, nor slim and not even all female! hmm OK, right, Canada; the land of equal opportunity. (Though I disagree that obese cabin attendants should be allowed to fly, purely due to safety concerns) These cabin attendants talked to each other in a loud voice from take-off to landing! Unfortunately it was a 12-13h hour (Tokyo-Toronto) Direct flight. yap yap yap even while serving dinner, breakfast and instant noodles they yapped across from aisle to aisle over the middle 5 seats. A French saying comes to mind... "Broche a foin". (And yeah one of the meals was Cup Ramen!, pretty cheap!)

Since I was sitting at the back of the plane I heard their conversations about what they did the night before, and their future plans... And what surprised me, racial comments about the Japanese and Asians in general! Absurd! I couldn't believe it! If you don't like coming to Asia change flights. I never knew Air Canada hired rednecks. (Then again I remember getting hired for Air Canada and they never did a profile test to make sure you didn't have any racial prejudices.)

Don't get me wrong I like Air Canada, it's spacious and has cold ambient air which is just right for my overheating gaijin body and it's the best choice in National Carrier Canada has! It's 100% the best, being the ONLY ONE...

The way back was much better, then again I slept all the way with my inner ear earphones on. (^_^)

I might consider flying via the United States next time.. where I have already set the service bar pretty darn low.

Got a million things on my mind

By -MJL-

I feel as though there are just not enough hours in a day to do what I want to have done! At the moment, sleepless trying to merge my accounts and mishmash everything together to have video's in my blog in the near future! There are definitely some explanations that pictures alone cannot convey!

Also in the works in proper mo-blogging (mobile blogging) and movlog'in (?) Mobile video blogging? New look for this blog and a mobile page, and the list seems to go on.

hmm it's a pain in the rear having to use tricks and bend the rules for everything to work. I seriously need a domain name to centralize my affairs...

Of course then I also have to deal with the real world once in a while.

Picture: Another picture from the last event I attended, yes I'm STILL not nearly done uploading them all. o(>_<)o

Au mon Dieu!!! I won a Gazillion dollars!

By -MJL-

OK.. this is getting annoying. Spam spam spam. I wouldn't normally give much of a thought about, how to put this, retarded spam. But the fact of the matter is, it has to be working for people to try this over and over and over! I just don't understand how some people can be caught be this kind of generic stupid spam.

I'm not talking about fishing you passwords with cleverly edited pages resembling a legitimate site a la eBay or paypal. But simply DUMB emails. Perhaps I should post one of these long winded things up.

Example #1 Money laundering a la Russian style
Hello, (say my name! .... sniff sniff)

I am Mr. Ivan Balakov, I represent a top company executive in Russia. I have a very sensitive and private brief from this top executive to ask for your partnership to re-profile funds over 50 Million euro.

I will give the details, but in summary, the funds are coming via a bank in Western Europe, and this is a legitimate transaction. You will be paid 8% for your "management fees", if I am able to reach terms with you.

If you are interested, please write me back by email and provide me with your names, telephone number and private email and I will provide further details. Please keep this close to your chest as much as possible; we can not afford any political problems.

Write me back. I look forward to it.


Mr. Balakov.

Tell you what Mr Balakov, just transfer the whole 50 Million Euros Directly to my account and I'll be sure to send them back to you as soon as I can! Better yet, since I'm such a nice guy Mr. Balakov, I tell you what "send me your names, bank branch number, bank name, account number, online banking access code, PIN" and all other pertinent info and I'll even do everything myself. This is your ZERO effort lucky day! So come on whadday say!? Are you feeling lucky today?

Not only do the idiotic spammers not know how to spell but the stories are also just a little too out there to be real! If this was a one on one in the flesh conversation I was having with the banker in question I could maybe get myself to believe this. But spam? come one people..

Too bad I didn't saving yet another sob story about some guy in Ivory coast who's little town was flattened by rebels, yet he has billions stashed away in the bank and needs me to help him out.

Point is, would people stop replying to this garbage and make the world a little more spam free!?

Picture from my Vietnam trip in April-May 2005! 2 years and still haven't gone through the pictures!!!

The Quasi SLR

By -MJL-
OK a little camera talk. For those of your not interested feel free to get your daily dose of propaganda elsewhere!

I opted to jump to a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Camera as a next step up from my compact Sony cybershot. I thought there were only two options; small or large.

Enter the Quasi SLR. Many makers have started making these little things. At first glance they are toyish and lack the "cool" factor. But upon closer inspection they have pretty impressive stats for the average Sunday photographer! This one for instance is the Canon Powershot S3 IS (I think) just looking at the specs. It has a 6.0mm to 72.0mm Lens at 2.7-3.5f. In layman's terms 12x and lets lots of light through for those uber nice shots. Plus it has Image stabilization built in and you can buy accessories for it i.e. add on lenses for wide angles etc. Not bad for a camera kit that costs less than a decent lens for my camera. The adjustable LCD screen is a nice touch and so is the full frame video mode.

It sort of temps me to buy it. Then again, the limitations of this type of camera are a major sour point in the long run. All the accessories that are available for it are only compatible with this model. So in a few years when you've bought all the add-ons possible and your camera breaks down, you'll need to buy all the add-ons again for your new and improved camera. The quasi SLRs are in my humble opinion too light and still much too compact, especially the grip.

In the end the camera doesn't really matter, it's what you do with it! In terms of practicality it's definitely something the first timer to the digital camera world should consider.

I'll stick with the big, heavy and has a presence in a crowd DSLR..

See pictures and blog from my friend Miki's Page with her Q-DLSR

So many things to say and do!

By -MJL-

It's happened again where I haven't updated my posts in a while! I've just been way too busy. I still have pictures from October 06 to sift through! Things have just been pilling up from having no time to deal with them! Though I work a lot... I have no clue where the money goes! (after all the parties and outings :)
So this week I vow to write a flurry of posts... and perhaps time delay their release..

Picture from the DHK Festival on March 5th 2007. Still uploading the rest.. over the course of the week...

Flickr should be renamed to Mlickr

By -MJL-
Yes renamed to Mlickr or Pictures for men or something like that! Preposterous? Scandalous? Insane? Far from it!

Firstly, flickr is (yet another) social networking web site with a photography theme. People can register for free or some pay for a large account to which they upload pictures to share with family, friends or the world.

The misunderstanding people have with flickr is the belief that the web site purely for photography. It is more of an online forum to share pictures.

So why should it be renamed? With most social networking site the ratio would be more or less even between women and men. With flickr I would seriously beg to differ. I strongly believe there are more men.

Why do I say such crazy things? Well lets see. While uploading my pictures from Oslo I noticed that the pictures of women get more views. Not only that, but the most popular pictures are ones of scantily clad women with big breasts or see through clothing.

Normally I would have no problem with this. If you're looking for decent pictures on flickr you will have to dig a little to find them. In terms of photography, flickr popularity doesn't always mean much!

That's just my 2cents (1.9Yen)

I'm about 3/4 of the way done uploading as of now. >LINK<

Don't blink!

Oslo and back in the blink of an eye.

Oslo was a nice city. Unfortunately I mostly saw it when it was dark. Oslo in winter time is a dark place. Mind you that doesn't compare to the northern bit of Norway. Which celebrated it's "First Light of the year" festival shortly before I went.

(Not my picture, but a nice picture of Olso a month before I went!) Working 9-5 I could see the sun rise up and go down from the hotel room! Luckily I was on the sunny side of the hotel. The sun rose at 10ish to the left, barely crept over the moutain ridge and set at some past 3 to the right. In other words, wake up = dark, afterwork free time = dark.

(Crazy sunsets as the sun was so low all the time!)Oh well, there are some things you simply cannot change. But you can try to have things your way. So from now, I just don't see a point travelling the globe to not see or learn anything about the host country. Is this the end? We shall see.

The Japanese national team did well at the competition. Overall a big 1-2 finish. Good work!

More quickies, less talk (^_^;

By -MJL-

New years, more relaxed. indeed...

I've decided to make my posts shorter but more frequent as I tend to build up many things to say then inevitably get put off writing it all down. So here goes

Jan 30th to Feb 7th I once again left Japan for Europe. This time it was for the Oslo Open. In my case it was hair related. yay me. OK So I thought I was done after the last one in Russia... I guess now I can say that I'm done with it.
Now I can travel without having work abroad. (^_^)v

Starting to upload some pictures of Oslo... Actually it's more like I'm starting to sort through them...

I went to Oslo Via Frankfurt. 4 hours in FFM! and 5 hours transit time on the way back! Ample time to go visit Frankfurt again... but nooooooooooo JAL staff just had to waste my time by being on break.

Anyways.. those are the pics for now. more soon.
Oslo, Norway Flickr pics

bye bye 2k6

By -MJL-
What a rush 2006 was. So many things happened, both good and bad. So many new faces and friends.

It's been a while yet again since I've posted anything I know. I've quite literally been too busy to post anything. Blog, pictures etc. I am now faced with some serious catchup work! o(O_O);

Oh well.. Soon I guess there will be more to say. So for the moment, I'll just write my current thoughts.

Photography: Simply because someone is popular (flickr) doesn't mean they are skilled. And just because someone seems skilled doesn't mean they are.

New years sorta resolution: To take things at a more relaxed pace this year.